2 thoughts on “Celebrating the hoisting of our 2017/18 school flag

  1. Charlie Taylor

    Thanks to everyone who entered the competition! All of the drawings were amazing!!!! Even though it was so close, we finally came to a conclusion that this one in particular stood out to the rest. The drawing was creative, and showed all of the most important qualities about our school. If I was the only one in the PLT, I would of chose it myself, and I’m not just saying that as part of the PLT. I’m sure the PLT will bring lots of opportunities, not just for the school, but for North Wheatley. As being part of the community, we make sure no ones unhappy, unsure or unsafe in school. For any enquiries, please, don’t hesitate to ask a member of the PLT, and guaranteed all ideas will be considered.
    From Charlie.
    Member of year 6 and the PLT.

  2. Ben

    As members of the PLT, we chose Macey because it really inspired the PLT to pick the colours and it really makes the best of North Wheatley.But it was really close between the school so a big WELDONE.


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