Introducing our Pupil Leadership Team

Our Wonderful Pupil Leadership Team had their first meeting today and demonstrated their thoughtful and fair approach to their roles and responsibilities.


3 thoughts on “Introducing our Pupil Leadership Team

  1. Charlie Taylor

    I’ve always wanted to be on the school council, so I don’t know what to say! I hope the PLT (Pupil Leadership Team) will be better. (I suggested the name.) I hope the PLT will bring lots of opportunities for the year 6 on their last year in primary 😉 and 1 representative from each school year to speak out and make the school a safer, securer and a fun place to learn. Charity events like Save the Children and Children in need I’m sure will be raising money for. I’m very excited for the future of North Wheatley primary school asd the PLT. Also, we have our own personally modified badges. Thanks to miss sharpe and mrs hall for making this happen.

  2. Ben

    I’ve always wanted To be in the school council even when I stared at this school but all year six’s are the school council and some from other classes now the school council is called the pupil leadership team for short PLT.


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