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Anti-Bullying week – All different, All Equal, November 2017

Pupils’ enthusiasm and learning resilience made every member of staff proud this afternoon, when they worked collaboratively with peers from across school in our Anti-Bullying workshops. This year, learning was planned through the expressive and creative arts. Have a look at our video to share in pupils’ talents. They would love it if you leave a comment too!


Celebrating pupils’ creative talents

It was a busy week in school, as pupils were highly engaged in a wide range of creative activities through their National Artsmark celebrations. Miss Sharpe, as school’s Creative Arts senior leader, ensured that pupils and staff alike were truly inspired. The exhibition that took place on Friday afternoon, delighted pupils’ families and friends. Thank you everyone for the wonderful support you give to North Wheatley pupils.

Play time performance!

Pupils have been practising their dance routine in preparation for this afternoon’s #CelebrateArtsmark event!

Can you tell what it is yet?

Can you guess what our boxes are being turned into? #CelebrateArtsmark

Class 2 full size metallic figures are well under way. Our very own iron men will be ready to use their forces on the new gym equipment. Here pupils are sculpting the figures using malleable materials.


Class 1’s Art Celebrations

What will Class 1 be doing with these boxes this week? Keep watching to find out!


Harvest video 2017

Celebrate Harvest with North Wheatley Primary

Please click on the link above to watch our video.

This year, our celebrations lasted a whole week! They began with EYFS and Class 1’s harvest feast, followed by KS2’s Harvest Supper and Song for families. Then on Thursday, KS1 and EYFS held their celebrations with families. On Friday, Rev. Mark led a service in church for pupils. What a wonderful week.

THANK YOU Open The Book Team!

Please would you contact the OTB team to book a place on the Rescue Squad holiday club or complete the booking form at wheatleychristianfellowship.org.uk
More information can be found at http://wheatleychristianfellowship.org.uk/events/event/holiday-bible-club/
I hope you enjoy this fabulous opportunity.